With Plaza Chueca at its center, the Chueca area has earned a name of its own, and has quickly become one of the most frequented areas in Madrid over the last few years. It is well known for its stores and restaurants, and you’ll find plenty of sidewalk and rooftop cafes: places to see and be seen with fashionable people or cosmopolitan “madrileños”, however that fits together.

Young entrepreneurs run small modern bakeries, hair salons, clothing boutiques, bookstores, and cafes, all full of unique charm. The remarkable Mercado de San Anton is one of the city’s gourmet tapas havens and a magnet for locals on the weekends. Don’t miss its penthouse restaurant at dusk!

Being an old neighborhood, you’ll get a taste of ancient Madrid: traditional taverns serving vermouth (such as Angel Sierra on Plaza Chueca), generations-old groceries, and even surviving guitar makers. As dinosaurs, are quickly going extinct.

Chueca’s inhabitants offer a mix of tradition and modernity. You’ll find sarcastic and irreverent events, such as the yearly gay pride parade or the hilarious “Sardine Burial” carnival, a local version of Mardi Gras. San Anton day, named for the official neighborhood saint, is a blessing day for animals – watch as hundreds of finely dressed up mascots mercilessly raid Plaza Chueca.

A day in Chueca. Start with a cup of freshly roasted coffee at Arriverderchi, possibly the best cafe in town. Then wander around Chueca boutiques before heading to Mercado San Anton, where gourmet food vendors prepare everything right in front of your eyes, including tapas, burgers, chicken, Middle Eastern cuisine, and sushi. You might spend the afternoon at Escuelas de San Anton, an inexpensive modern penthouse swimming pool. Finally, end the night with a chilled cocktail at the oriental themed Areia bar with its in house DJ.

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