The centrally located Malasaña area is currently the most vibrant, trendy part of the city. Young madrileños and freelance professionals live here and fill its cafes, boutiques, and independent theaters. In addition to the ubiquitous street cafes, working room centers or even bookstores serve as social spots for morning coffee and/or nighttime drinks.

A weekend “must do” for locals is taking a leisurely stroll along the Fuencarral alley, Madrid’s hub of modern fashion. You will find both international and independent fashion brands there. The Telefonica Art Center offers excellent curated and displayed exhibits year round.

The Triball area, a natural extension of Malasaña, is known for its signature cafés, such as the atmospheric El Martínez, a 1940s style café. Here, gentrification is transforming former local business like drycleaners, butchers or fish markets into modern business, something to consider if you feel like investing (or if you simply fall in love with the area like we did).

A day in Malasaña. Start with a long, relaxing brunch at the El Martínez café. Some Sundays they have a gramophone DJ! We love their quiches and locally crafted beer. Afterward, visit a photography exhibit at the Telefonica Art Center. In the afternoon, walk through Fuencarral street or go to the movies at one of the enormous movie theaters in Gran Via. In the evening, enjoy a pizza at the quintessential Malasaña square Plaza del Dos de Mayo.

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