Plaza Mayor

Gorgeous Plaza Mayor is Madrid’s most quintessential square. Dating from early XVI century, no wonder it has been witness to so many historical events, such as solemn Inquisition trials with thousands of participants. But wait, no one was burned here, however, because the surrounding wooden houses would have caught fire. Today, Plaza Mayor is a social hub, attracting lovers, street artists, comedians, musicians, families and visitors to the city.

The area was closest to the court, referred to as “los Austrias”, with cobblestone paved passages, elegant palaces and squares. Its walls could tell hundreds of rich, juicy stories. All sorts of imitators and rascals hung around the court. Courageous poets met terrible fates here, such as the Count of Villamediana, who was ambushed and killed by swordsmen for his daring ways and his history of lovers, supposedly even including the Queen. He was a man of passion and honor, which was rewarded with lethal consequences in the best Spanish way possible.

Locals wander, cycle, and shop along the historical Calle Mayor, through the alluring Plaza Mayor, towards the open areas of the royal palace. On their way, the renovated modern restaurant Mercado de San Miguel is the culinary rock star of the block.

A day in Plaza Mayor. Start with breakfast at the historic La Mallorquina with views of Sol Square. Then visit some of the architectural gems of the area, such as the royal palace. Enjoy lunch at the popular Mercado de San Miguel with all of its delicious, authentic Spanish food and atmosphere: tapas, rice dishes, stuffed olives, seafood and wines. The evening is a time for romantic walks along the cobblestone-paved Plaza Mayor.

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