Terms & Conditions

Guests making bookings in this website are required to accept these terms.

1. Booking Process summary

1.1) To reserve an apartment, Guest pays a Reservation Deposit of 30 % of rental rate.
1.2) Total amount is based on nightly rate for 2 guests. It doesn’t currently include the price adjustment for more than 2 guests or booking fee.
1.3) Guest will receive an email confirmation including arrival instructions.
1.4) Full payment is due 30 days before check-in date:
-Balance: 70% of rental rate.
-Adjustment for more than 2 guests: €15 per additional guest per day.
-Booking fee (includes final cleaning): €65.
-Refundable security deposit: €150.

2. Reservations and Payment
2.1) A reservation Deposit of 30 % of the rental rate is due for the booking to take effect.
-Upon receipt, Agent will send the Guest a confirmation of the booking and “Remaining Payments & Arrival Instructions” email.
-Payment of balance, booking fee, and rate adjustment for more than 2 guests is due within 30 days of the check-in ate.
-Acceptable payment methods: debit or credit card to PayPal account reservations@dreamstaysapartments.com. Fees will be charged to the Guest.

2.2 If the Guest has not paid the balance by the due date, a reminder email will be issued to the Guest. If the balance is not received within 7 days of that reminder, Agent reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled and Guest shall have no claim against the Agent or the Property Owner for compensation or reimbursement whatsoever.

3. Cancellation by Guest
3.1 The Guest should notify Agent immediately in writing if Guest wishes to cancel the Booking. Cancellations notified 60 or more days in advance will receive a refund of 80% of the amount paid. Cancellations notified between 60 to 30 days in advance receive a refund of 30% of the amount paid. Cancellations notified less than 30 days in advance will not receive any refund. The Guest should consider whether insurance coverage is desirable.

 4. Other cancellation

4.1 In the event of the Agent being unable to arrange the holiday accommodation requested by the Guest, or if the Property becomes unavailable for whatever reason, the Agent will endeavor to arrange alternative accommodation for the Guest of equivalent standards or higher, in a similar location.

4.2 If the Guest has paid any money in respect of a Property and that Property subsequently becomes unavailable, the Agent shall refund all monies paid by the Guest.

4.3 Save as set out above, the Agent shall have no liability for the cancellation or alteration of a Booking.

5. Security Deposit

5.1 A Security Deposit of 150 Euros, is due 30 days before Check-in date, or upon arrival if Guest wishes to.

5.2 It will be refunded by to a previously assigned PayPal account 24h after check out time, when the apartment is checked, if no damages have occurred during the stay.

6. Insurance

6.1 To minimize the financial risks associated with going on holiday it is strongly recommended that the Guest arrange travel insurance that matches their needs when booking the holiday.

7. Guest’s Duties, Rights and Obligations

7.1 The Guest is obliged to conserve the House in perfect conditions, to secure return of the property and its accessories in a reasonably clean condition, and in the same condition in which delivered to him /her, less normal wear and tear derived from their reasonable use.

7.2 The Guest may not perform disturbing, unhealthy, noxious, hazardous, illicit acts, or those that breach the Rules of the Neighbours’ Association on the Property.

7.3 When he /she has been previously notified, the Guest must allow The Agent or his assistants access to the real property during the course of the reservation to undertake activities of the greatest need which cannot be postponed until conclusion of the reservation.

7.4 The Guest shall be liable for any damage or impairment caused to the real property and its accessories, as well as to the property’s common areas, that are caused either by him /her or by the people who live with him /her or his /her visitors.

7.5 The Guest declares knowing that the use of the real property to be taken is governed by Ley 29/1994, Urban Tenancy Act, of 24 November, and has an appropriate tourism purpose linked to the term of the reservation.

7.6 The Guest shall not make duplicates of any of the keys in respect of the Property, and shall on termination of this Agreement, forthwith deliver all keys (including any duplicates thereof) and remote control units to the Agent;

7.7 If the Guest wishes to extend the occupation period, and subject to the Property being available, this can be arranged with the Agent for an agreed additional rental. It shall be paid in advance and Security Deposit shall not be used to pay it.

8. Indemnification

8.1 Failure to fulfill the obligation to leave the House within the term agreed shall make the Guest liable to pay a penalization of a sum equivalent to triple the daily rent, accrued by weeks elapsed until free availability of the home to the Agent, notwithstanding the costs, expenses and other compensation that may be due, including the fees of lawyers and procurator, although their intervention may not be required.

9. Agent’s Duties, Rights and Obligations

9.1 The Agent shall arrange a final cleaning service per stay;

9.2 Should the Guest behave in a disorderly or non-civil manner whilst on the Property, and should there be excessive noise and/or disturbance caused to the neighbors which raises complaints, the Agent has the right to evict the Guest from the Property if general conduct guidelines are not adhered to.

9.3 The Agent shall maintain the supplies of water, electricity, gas etc., up to date with payment and in full operation, as well as the insurance of the house up to date.

9.4 The Agent shall not be responsible for the loss, theft or deterioration of Guest’s personal property. The Agent shall not be responsible for any inoperability of the ADSL service which is due to causes imputable to the operator.

10. Applicable fees:

10.1 Check in time is 15:00 p.m. Check out time: 11.00 a.m.
-€25 fee for early check in (before 15:00); late check in (after 22:00); or late check out (after 11:00)
-Only one set of keys is provided. Lost key replacement fee is €50

11. Interpretation

11.1 “Agent” means DREAMSTAYS represented by José Luis Mejías and Meyling Wetto;

11.2 “Deposit” means the payment made for Reservation Confirmation.



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